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Netgear allows you to recover your admin password using multiple methods. We have analyzed some of those methods for you. Now the question may arise that What is admin password?? When a user tries to login into a router, he/she would be prompted for a username and a password and that particular password is called as Admin Password. By default admin password is set to “password” and it’s case sensitive but once you have successfully logged into the router, you can change this admin password by following steps mentioned here:

Once in a while situation may arise that you forgot altered admin password and if you haven’t enabled the admin password reset feature, you wouldn’t be able to log into Netgear Router again. You just need to reset your router to default settings in that case. If you don’t know how to reset Netgear Router you can visit: and if you don’t want to reset your router and you know that your memory can betray you someday, Netgear recommends you to enable admin password reset feature. Don’t worry!! This is a very easy process and I’ll guide you for the same in this blog. Just follow below mentioned steps:

  1. Open any of the web browsers available on your computer. Supported browsers are IE, firefox, chrome but not safari.
  2. Type or in URL tab.
  3. You can also use Netgear Router Login IP i.e or for the same purpose.
  4. Login window would appear in front of you.
  5. It would ask you for the username and password.
  6. Username is admin and Password is password. These credentials are case sensitive.
  7. You would be prompted to Netgear Router’s web management page.
  8. Search for an ADVANCED tab on the left bar of that page.
  10. Under administration go for SET PASSWORD button.
  11. You would be transferred to set password screen.
  12. Check Enable Password Reset check box.
  13. They would ask you for 2 security questions. You need to answer those question for security purpose and these questions will be used when you try to reset your admin password in future.
  14. Save changes.
  15. Apply changes.

This completes your task of enabling reset password feature using Netgear Router smart wizard method. You can also opt for Netgear Genie app for the same purpose. Netgear Genie is a software which allows users to monitor, alter, configure changes on their routers remotely. You just need to download this app and install on your system. This supports Android, IOS, Windows, MAC etc. You can download it from google play store, IOS app store and etc…. Just install and run. Once the application is up and running, you can do anything to your router remotely.

Once you have enabled reset admin password feature, you can now reset your admin password easily by following steps mentioned on the page:

If you still face any issues, you can contact your brand manufacturer for Netgear Router Technical Support or Netgear Router Customer Support. They will resolve your queries without any cost if you are covered under their policies.

If you can’t resolve your issues with your product’s brand manufacturer, you can contact Support for Netgear Router at We have live chat support or email support as a communication medium. You can drop us a mail at Our well trained and well-educated team will resolve all your issues instantly and try that you don’t face such issues in near distant future.


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