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Setting up a router in bridge mode is very easy and I will guide you for this in this particular blog. Before starting, we should know what is bridge mode?? Bridge mode, as the name suggests, is a mode in which a router starts working as a switch. This mode is usually switched-on when you have multiple routers at your premises and all are switched on. Normally when you have multiple routers, every device transmits signal and thus signals can interfere if placed under normal mode, so we put one router in normal mode and the other in Bridge Mode. Netgear is one of the most popular router people are using now days. In many networks, a situation may arise that you need to configure multiple routers. There comes the use of Bridge Mode.

Now we can discuss how to setup Netgear router in bridge mode?? For this, you just need to do one thing i.e read below given steps and implement at your location. Let’s get started:

  1. Make a note of SSID, Wi-Fi Security Mode, wireless password, operating frequency of router to which this router (one to be configured in bridge mode) is to be connected.
  2. Open any of the available browsers in your computer. Always remember to connect this computer to the router which is to be run in bridge mode.
  3. Type URL in URL bar of that browser.
  4. This will redirect you to login screen.
  5. Redirected page will ask you for username and password. Username is admin and password is password. (NOTE: These credentials are case-sensitive.)
  6. Router’s web management page will appear!! A question may arise that what is Router’s web management page?? Router’s web management page allows you to configure router according to your wish. You can change username(SSID), password, wireless configurations, wireless security mode etc here.
  7. Click on ADVANCED>Advanced setup>Wireless Bridge.
  8. This will redirect you to Bridge page.
  9. Choose Enable bridge mode.
  10. Check the setup bridge mode wireless settings.
  11. At that page, there you need to put information of another router. This information is that you made note of in starting.
  12. Select operating frequency as 5Ghz.
  13. Put username i.e SSID
  14. In security option, select the Wi-Fi security mode.
  15. If required, then type password of that other router.
  16. Save changes.
  17. Save changes again.

These simple steps will complete your router’s configuration as bridge mode. Now you can have gigabit Wi-Fi speed for gaming, video streaming etc. You can now connect multiple devices like NAS, a smart TV, gaming device etc. Now you don’t need separate Wi-Fi adapters for each individual device.

If you are facing any further issues then you can contact Netgear Router Technical Support or Netgear Router Customer Support. They would clarify your issues and if you are unable to resolve your issues from them, you can contact Support for Netgear Router at We have experts in our team who not only resolve your issues but also educated you for the same so that you won’t face such issues in near distant future.


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