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We all protect or buy insurances for all valuable things in life. In a nutshell, we value most precious things in life. How about protecting your loved ones, children most importantly. With Netgear, parental control and internet access filtering has become an easy task.
According to a census released, children between the ages of two and four years old spend an average of two hours and 40 minutes each day behind a screen. And, the older they grow, this screen time increases.
Most parental controls only filter the website content but Netgear filters the contents in the apps too. Therefore, your children can only access apps and websites that are suitable for their age groups and according to the time limit set by you.
Additionally, all other devices allow parental controls to be set on Smartphones, computers and tabets whereas Netgear allows to set parental controls on all devices connected to the Wifi. On the weekend, your teen`s gaming time can easily end at 11 pm or as per your instructions.
Now, you have the peace of mind. You don`t need to stress about what your child is doing on the internet. Hence making your child safe and protected in the modern digital world.

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