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Netgear Extender is networking device which receives signals from one of its antennas and after internal processing, retransmit amplified signal from its secondary antenna. Extender is used to increase signal amplitude so always remember to keep extender in router’s coverage area. Extender turns dead zone into fun zone and allows user to sit far away from router and still use internet service offered by Netgear router. 

Access Netgear Extender Using Ethernet Cable

  • Disconnect your computer from the Router if connected Or else it may conflict to the default gateway.
  • Connect your Computer using Ethernet cable directly with router.
  • Open Your Internet Browser and Type in URL http://myWiFiext.net Or Use Default Ip address
  • Type Default Username and Password given at the back of the router extender. Username: admin or Password: admin 
  • Now You Are Logged In.
You may Modify settings accordingly but remember to save it for sure and restart the Netgear Extender
  • Go to Setup > Wireless Setting
  • In Network key field, check out the password value under the security option.
  • Enter same password given as router password and Click Apply.
  • Connect your router wi-fi with your NETGEAR Wi-Fi Extender.

Connect NETGEAR Extender Setup with WPS

  • Press WPS button on the back of the router for few seconds for enabling the router to discover new connections.
  • Then it shows green blinking light.
  • Now, connect with desirable network on your device.

If you still face any issue in configuring Netgear extender, don’t forget our Support for Netgear Extender team is always there to listen to you and help you anytime, anyday and anywhere. Our team holds expertise in resolving any sort of extender issues and will resolve your issues instantly. Just get in touch with us at our live chat support for a hassle free support. You can also drop us an email at support@router-loginnet.com and get step by step assistance to your Netgear Router and extender related issues.