Setup for Netgear Extender

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Place and Plug-In your Extender

Plug-in your Netgear extender device to power switch and Turn it ON. Place it nearby your Wi-Fi router for better performance and good signal strength. Green light starts blinking and will be stable within two minutes.
Connect your Extender to your router with WPS.

Now, Press WPS button located on the extender for at least 2 minutes, soon the Netgear extender will be connected to the Netgear Router. Once it gets connected to your router, connect your device to Extender using same credentials your router has. The default Username and password for Netgear Extender is ‘admin’.
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Choose best Signal location and place the device.

Now, you may place your device anywhere you want to. Keep it in the router’s coverage area. Convenient to watch TV, HD Video streaming, playing games as well as every member of your family can easily connect to the internet from anywhere in house. Keep in mind that extender receives signal from Router and then amplify it before retransmitting it. So, always keep extender within router’s coverage area.

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