Netgear Router Update

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Netgear timely releases its new features, updates, and firmware updates to make itself more efficient and reliable. It also provides network security in its latest firmware to secure your wired/wireless router so that your data and information can’t be misused. You should update your router’s firmware routinely. You may check whether new updates are available or not just by logging into the router’s web management page.

If you log into, and new firmware update is available, it will show a message at the top of the router’s dashboard. You should update it to get the benefits of the newest firmware release because it will surely improve your device’s performance.

Steps To check whether new firmware update is available :

  • Open any of the web browsers on the Internet connected device, which can be a computer device or mobile device.
    Always be sure that your computer device is connected by Ethernet cable to your router device while updating its firmware i.e there must be wired connectivity.
  • Enter URL
  • To Login enter username and password.
    Note: By default, username is set to admin and password is configured as password. Keep in mind, that these credentials are case-sensitive.
  • Click ADVANCED Administration.
  • Click Firmware Update or Router Update and then Check option as to make router look for any firmware update.
  • Things to remember while the update process takes place:
  • Don’t interrupt the downloading process by closing your current browsing screen.
  • Don’t switch to another web page or Refresh your current page.
  • Don’t click on any type of pop-up or link
  • If an update is available it will show an alert message to ask you whether you want to confirm or not. Click Yes to confirm download process.
  • Download & Install the new firmware version.
  • Once firmware update is complete, your router will reboot.

It takes 3-5 minutes to complete this refresh process.

At the time of firmware update, it will show you publishing notes along with new version update which you need to follow.

If you still face any issue in updating your firmware, don’t forget we are always there to listen to you and help you anytime, anyday and anywhere. Just get in touch with us at our live chat for a hassle free support. You can also drop us an email at and get step by step assistance to your Netgear Router related issues.

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