Router Login IP

Router’s Login IP Address is an IP which router brands like Netgear etc use as an access point or gateway. They set this IP to allow users to make changes in their router according to their wish. This IP will redirect you to web management page which allows user to make changes like username, password, WEP2 and many other settings. This page allows user to configure security settings which resists attackers to attack into your public network. This page allows you configure port forwarding also and allows user to configure settings for remote management. 

Steps to Login into Router's Web Management Page using Router Login IP:

  • Connect your computer device directly to your router by Ethernet cable.
  • On Browser’s URL search,, Or, whichever works.
  • Login to your Router by putting your router’s credentials i.e., USERNAME and PASSWORD. By “default” USERNAME admin and PASSWORD is password.
  • The LOGIN window will appear on your screen.
  • This LOGIN window is known as Router's Web management page and this page allows you to configure your router.
  • Select Advance option and it will show the IP address below the router details.

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