Troubleshooting Netgear WiFi Router


Troubleshooting can be done in following errors:

  • physical connection problem.
  • Internet Connection problem.
  • Firmware related problem.
  • Software Related Issues

Common troubleshooting steps you may follow if you encounter any of these issues:

Netgear Router Not Showing Internet Light or showing Orange blinking light?

Relax and take a deep breath. Fell relaxed and take a deep breath and just make little effort on your own, it will not only save your Money but also will save your Time.

Yeah … That is the only time you should make yourself administrator
If it is not showing any internet light, it only means that you don’t have any internet access for which you have to connect your computer device directly to your router through LAN cable. It may take a couple of minutes to get fixed or may results in tough and longer process.

If the Internet LED is not  blinking orange light that means no internet access and for this you just need to follow few steps to get it fixed:

Simply reboot everything, a simple reboot might solve your connectivity issue

  • Just Switch off your modem and router once and make sure whether all the cables are properly connected or not.
  • Let device take rest for a couple of minutes and Switch ON the Router and the Modem back.
  • Check if green light is blinking or not. If it is blinking and becomes solid in a few seconds, congratulations you have fixed it on your own.

If not?? Don’t be sad, Leave your worries to us. Get in touch with us and Chat with Us now!!

Netgear Router Is Not Working?

If your Netgear Router stops working or is not connected to the Internet there might be an issue that you need to handle with care.

Before taking help from any expert or from any other source give it a try by yourself. For this you should keep in mind some simple troubleshooting steps that we have discussed right below:

  • Basic NETGEAR Router troubleshooting:
  • PLUG OUT and PLUG IN all cables
  • SWITCH OFF and SWITCH ON your modem and router once.
  • Check whether all cables are properly connected to its dedicated ports or not. For this you can take the help of the manufacturer's manual that came along with your device.
  • Wait for lights on your Router to become stable.
  • Soft NETGEAR router Reset
  • Connect your computer device directly to your router by Ethernet cable.
  • On Browser’s URL bar type,, or, whichever works.
  • Login to your Router by putting your router’s credentials i.e., USERNAME and PASSWORD. By “default” USERNAME is admin and PASSWORD is password.
  • Select “Revert to Factory Default settings” from the Dashboard and it will Reset all your router’s settings.
  • Reboot the router.
  • Hard NETGEAR Router Reset
  • On the back of your router search for the “RESET KEY” and press it with the help of any pointed device.
  • Keep pressing it for a couple of seconds until it will restart your router then set-up it again.
  • Update Your Router’s Firmware
  • Always keep in mind, updating to the newest firmware is a must, as sometimes it may create No Internet issues. Remember “Precaution is better than cure”. So, it is better to keep your router's firmware updated rather than losing your patience in the mid of work.
  • To accomplish above step you can visit
  • If none of the options work for you then just drop us a mail, or chat with us at our live chat.

Try some troubleshooting steps and if problem remains same then rush to have help from our Support For Netgear Router team for which you can Chat with us now!! You can also drop us a mail at Our support team is always here to assist you without keeping you in queue.

Before taking help directly from us you may try steps given below:

  • Contact to your Internet Service Provider.
  • Login to your Router, check for new firmware update. If it is flashing at the top of the router’s screen Dashboard then do update, reboot router and then try again.
  • Make sure whether all the cables are connected properly to the modem or to your computer device.
  • Check whether the LED light is green, solid or not. If there is an orange light blinking, then follow the troubleshooting steps as already discussed.
  • If your issue is still not resolved, try to change your router cable ports. If nothing works for you, follow the instructions below:
  • Power OFF your router and device. Restart them back.
  • Still failed?? Try FACTORY Reset.
  • LOG IN back to router and go to “Smart Wizard” and RUN it. It will find a random IP address for you. If this doesn’t work do “Smart Wizard test” it will show a test page back to you.

Problem resolved? If not “DON’T STRESS” and chat with us now or drop us a mail stating your problems. Our specialized team will revert you instantly with all the available solutions to that mentioned problem.